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Rhapsodic Model 604/40

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  • Rhapsodic Model 604/40

    Does anyone know how old this organ might be or where I can find more information about it? The steel plate on the bottom of the organ ssys: "International Factory Sales Service Ltd. Vancouver, BC"
    Model /604/40 F3 (or maybe it's E3).
    It's wind driven and still works but I'd like to know about it, especially how old it is.

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    Wind driven? I'll put this in the correct section of the Forum for you. Andy G - Moderator
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      Well maybe when driven is not quite the right term, but it sounds like there's a fan in the keyboard that blows air over the reeds. Every note and every cord button works perfectly but I sure would like to know what year this organ was produced


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        Could you post some pictures of your organ? The "fan" noise you hear may well be an internal Leslie in which case you have an electronic instrument.
        Pump organs do not make a "fan" noise unless it is connected to a blower but invariably these are large and even mounted externally so easy to spot. Also any blower will have an electric power cord which connects to a wall socket outlet. If this is present, you have an electronic organ. Chances are fairly good that it may be a Lowrey Rhapsody.

        You talk about reeds etc but it is difficult to imagine exactly what you have without seeing a picture. We would love to see a picture of your instrument to try and help you identify the type.

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          Rhapsodic organ

          I accidentally unsubscribed myself to the thread or I hit a button that deleted the thread about the rhapsodic Oregon I was inquiring about. How can I put that thread back on the website?