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Rebuilding the bellows system

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  • Rebuilding the bellows system

    After searching several dozen threads here, I find that much info about rebuilding the bellows exists on the Forum.

    But knowing what to do, and when to do it, is still a really slow process for someone who's never done it before. You have to know details of what to look for, before you can search for a specific topic. Then you discover the topic doesn't actually cover what you need to know.

    I hope to finish the fabrication of the new bellows board and back board within a week.

    Is there a tutorial somewhere *with photos*, or a video series, that explains the reservoir/exhauster covering and reassembly job start to finish? When you've got all those pieces and bits of old cloth lying on tables, you don't really know where to start.

    A view from the top:

    Tom M.
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    Great question. I'm a visual person and reading about fixing something just doesn't work for me. Would love a DIY video on YouTube from unscrewing and removing the back boards to replacing the bellows material to re-assembly. I know all organs do seem though, to have their own structure...So if anyone is reading this I have a small parlor, one manual Estey with 11 stops :)


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      Hi Deggebeen - I hope you get more replies on this subject than I did!

      Here's a good tutorial:

      You can buy the same material - plus hundreds of detailed photos - from Mr. Tyler.

      I'm nearly finished restoring my 1874 George Woods. Some photos:

      Hope this helps!
      Tom m.


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        Bellows material