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rubber cloth vs. oil cloth

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  • rubber cloth vs. oil cloth

    Three of four suppliers I've contacted say they currently cannot get the thinner (0.020 - .026") rubber cloth.

    Will a similar thickness black/grey "oil cloth" do just as well? It's usually a cotton/polyester fabric with a vinyl coating.

    Tom M.

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    Any thoughts?



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      I can't speak to rubber vs vinyl cloth, but I can speak to rubber vs vinyl boots....

      Some years ago, the Tingley boot company stopped manufacturing their 17" rubber pull-over boot. I quite liked these boots for daily farm work. The closest thing I could find to replace them was a vinyl boot. They were not nearly as good, and quickly cracked and started leaking.

      Assuming that the vinyl vs rubber cloth have similar properties, I don't think I'd mess with vinyl. I'd make do with the thicker rubber cloth.

      Of course, I may be full of poo. But if nobody who actually knows what they are talking about chimes in, I hope this helps you.
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        I would advise against using vinyl. It will not last as long as rubber cloth besides being totally unauthentic. Rather try and get the right stuff. Try Europe if your local suppliers cannot meet the grade. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm - when you're done and tried your new revamped creation, go ahead and tell me I was wrong to say you will never be sorry you started this labor of love....:->

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