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  • Air system progress

    Despite guessing at nearly every aspect of this, here's the latest:

    Back in July:


    Since July I've pulled it all apart (two exhauster boards with expanding sides, main reservoir boards with expanding side, damaged top board). Also removed, cleaned, and shellacked all the reed boxes and mechanisms.

    Over the last two months on the air system, I've removed all the old side material (rubber cloth and cardboard ribs), cleaned the boards, made a new top board.

    Reassembled the boards and added new sides. Replaced the exhauster valve covers. Painted.

    As of today -

    Main reservoir:

    Main reservoir expanded:

    Reverse side showing the two exhauster units, each with two valves:

    As all the springs are external, I won't be able to test the vacuum for leaks until I've got the unit back in the case.

    Tomorrow I'll start to put the whole organ back together. If I haven't gone completely mad by now, maybe there's hope for the future!

    Tom M.
    1874 George Woods

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    Great work Tom!

    Your guessing seems to have paid off and we are looking forward to hearing some sounds. You might admit even at this stage that it was well worth the effort and even should there be a blib or two popping up, at least now you know how the beast works.

    Keep up the labor of love!

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      Still lots of parts and systems to repair and re-install, but here's the first test after putting the lower action, cavity board, swell, and keyboard back on today:

      Need to do a lot of reed tuning. Discovered that the rear swell wasn't even hooked up when I got the instrument, so I fixed that too.

      Nowhere near Rodney's technique - or his organs! - but making progress. Tomorrow I re-install the stop system, tremolo, sub bass, and celeste. If all goes well, I hope to have the instrument back together by the weekend.

      Tom M.
      1874 George Woods


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        Very encouraging, sir.
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          Great stuff Tom!

          Thanks for sharing - and your prowess on the keys is a whole lot better than mine! The organ sounds good, just wondering: Since there seems to be full sound, how many stops did you have open? Your pumping appears quite vigorous so must have had all the stops open. Close all the stops but two and fill the reservoir then stop pumping and press a chord. measure the time how long it takes for the sound to peter out. The technique of playing the pump organ differs from electronic ones much in that the volume is largely controlled by the tempo of pumping. Many struggle to get used to this and if you watch Rodney carefully while he plays you will get the idea.

          Great going - and thanks for keeping the mob updated.

          "Don't make war, make music!" Hammonds, Lowreys, Yamaha's, Gulbransens, Baldwin, Technics, Johannus. Reed organs. Details on request...