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If you could start all over again ...

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    If you could start all over again ...

    What reed organ would you want for your average size 8 foot ceiling living room - and why?

    Manufacturer reputation, stops and features, sound quality, etc.

    Just wondering ...

    Tom M.

    Anything I can afford and transport, even in pieces, like yours at present....

    But I do seem to lean towards M&H, Estey, Canadian Organs, etc. but just really anything. The Dutch made monsters are very good and mostly pressure types. They really bellow!
    Oh, why do you have to go and ask such difficult questions?

    "Don't make war, make music!" Hammonds, Lowreys, Yamaha's, Gulbransens, Baldwin, Technics, Johannus. Reed organs. Details on request...


      My ideal instruments are foot-pumped, so that leaves out most of the ones with pedal claviers.
      I would have both f-scale and c-scale keyboards.
      If I had to pick one from each category, within models that I have hands-on experience, I would choose the M&H 93BF for the f-scale, (5 sets) and a M&H 901/902 for the c-scale, (6 1/2 sets) and it is also a 2M.
      For a pressure instrument, I'd want the Cottino 2M harmonium belonging to Chris in NC. (about 11 sets)
      You can find videos of all of these on youtube.