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Bellows strap

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  • Bellows strap

    We’re new to owning a field organ. (A portable reed organ.)

    Our organ has a leather strap that holds the bellows closed. Does anyone know if this is just for when the organ is folded up for transport, or should the bellows typically be strapped closed anytime the organ isn’t being played?

    The strap is somewhat fussy so ideally we’d rather leave it undone just for ease of having the organ ready to play any time.

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    Hello and welcome to this Forum!

    You might want to post a picture in order to attempt at properly answering your question. Logic tells me that on a portable "field" organ that strap would be to secure the bellows while the organ is in transit. If it is not being moved there seems no logical need to strap it up, in fact, compressed leather bellows might develop unwanted creases in the leather and cracks if strapped up for extended periods of time - but that was said with tongue-in-cheek. However, the presence of the strap indicates that the makers considered it necessary to secure the bellows while the organ is in transit.

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