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Cancelling Interest In Pump Organ

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    Cancelling Interest In Pump Organ

    After thinking it over with mature reasoning, I've decided not to buy a 100-to-150 year old Pump Organ, but will return to my Grand Piano.

    In a few years I'll begin disposing of my Estate, and the call for and interest in a Pump Organ will be practically Zero!

    HiDesertHal, age 82.
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    Do you already play concertina?
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      Interesting question. I own a number of these interesting squeezeworms. However, some people call different instruments concertinas. I have a few 21-button concertinas and about three bandoneons, I would describe the latter as a cross between an accordion and a concertina. (tango instruments). Fun to play and does not need the same amount of effort to keep making sounds.

    All I want to know is WHAT are Private Messages, and WHERE are they on this Forum?



      Hal - at the top of each page you'll see a box called "Messages". Click the box - and voila!



        If you right-click on a person's name, you can open the user's profile in a new window or tab. Once there, you will see a button (toward the center, just above the message space) that says Private Message. Click on that, compose your message, and click on Send.

        Hope that helps.


        P.S. I believe if you just click on Messages, it shows up as a Visitor Message (not Private Message).
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