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Organ finally registered!

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    Organ finally registered!

    Hi there,
    I have just been notified that my George Woods organ registration has just been accepted!
    The photo isn't the greatest, but it gives you an idea of the model.
    Reed Organ Society registration # 6385
    We take it around to a local old folks rest home once a month, and a lot of them love the organ! For one it bring back memories of once being a relief organist, and sometimes she would wonder why the organ quit playing, and realising that she had forgot to pedal!

    And a hearty congratulation to you!

    Say, what does the "Forte 1" stop control?

    On my George Woods, the "Forte" stop opens the damper on the separate "Celeste/Concert Flute" reed set (so the Forte really only takes effect if that reed set is open).

    Tom m.


      It opens the 4' reed cells damper full way. I would like to upload a video of it playing to give you a real perspective of the sound! I have replaced five of the bass reeds with deeper ones so you get a deeper sound that fills me with awe each time I play it. I have a Sub-bass I will be mounting (I hope) that will be even better!


        Congratulations Joshua! Well done - makes one feel that you have achieved something, especially when the old timers enjoy your labor of love.

        "Don't make war, make music!" Hammonds, Lowreys, Yamaha's, Gulbransens, Baldwin, Technics, Johannus. Reed organs. Details on request...