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Bilhorn Portable/Folding Organs - Comprehensive List of "Styles" (models)

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  • Bilhorn Portable/Folding Organs - Comprehensive List of "Styles" (models)

    I've searched the archives and see several posts from those that seem knowledgeable about Bilhorn folding/portable organs and the various "Style" models out there. As I don't see any info on the web listing the various styles and their differences, I'm wondering if we could attempt to construct a relatively comprehensive list of the different "Styles"/models, and their features, based on the collective knowledge on this forum.

    I'm looking to maybe purchase one, and curious how the various models compare with each other. And, in general, I'm interested in collecting the history of instruments that I like to play (and may publish a blog on the web with my findings, since no one else out there seems to have covered this topic much).

    From photos on the web, there is not a lot to discern in difference between the styles. Was the style type usually related to the number and type of reed ranks inside? Period of manufacture? None of them appear to have any stops, so I assume there was usually only one or two reed ranks for all models?

    This is what I've pieced together so far, simply from looking at ads online:

    Bilhorn Style C
    no info found.
    Mentioned in the American Reed Organ and the Harmonium, pg. 132
    By Robert F. Gellerman

    Bilhorn Style G:
    Not much info mentioned.

    Bilhorn Style H:
    On display at the St. Louis County Historical Society Museum in Duluth, Minnesota.
    The American Reed Organ and the Harmonium, pg. 132
    By Robert F. Gellerman

    Bilhorn Style K:
    - 4 ocataves
    - knee swell paddles

    Bilhorn Style L:
    - 5 octaves.
    - knee swell paddles

    Bilhorn Style O:
    - 4 octaves
    - knee swell paddles

    Bilhorn Style S:
    - Lightest model, “suitcase folding organ”
    - 3 ¼ octave F-scale keyboard
    Source: online sample of "The American Reed Organ and the Harmonium", By Robert F. Gellerman

    Bilhorn Style V:
    - 4 octaves
    - No swell paddles?
    Harmony Chord Briscoe (fan powered reed organ)
    ca. 1890 Doherty Chapel Organ