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Dead keys on certain stops

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  • Dead keys on certain stops


    I acquired a Chicago Cottage organ over the weekend, and it's generally in perfect condition except for one problem. I get some dead keys on certain stops, but it's not the same keys! For example, with the Diapason stop out there are about 5-6 dead keys (most of them in pairs, for example A and A#). With the Celeste stop out instead, I still get dead keys, but not the same ones as before... Any ideas to where I should start to locate the problem?

    For info, I've taken all the reeds out and cleaned them as well as I dared without breaking them

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    Definitely sounds like an issue with the reeds themselves. Could be from dust and dirt, especially if they are higher pitch reeds. I’d go back and pull the offending reeds and clean them again, holding them up to a light to make sure there is nothing in the gap between the tongue and the body.


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      The main problem I had, once I had cleaned all of the reeds in my Adler (I used an ultrasonic cleaner with a little dish soap and vinegar), was cyphers caused by leaking pallet valves. Especially in the high treble end -- i had notes playing as soon as I pulled the stop for certain voices. It were very annoying. This led me to the major overhaul of replacing all of the felt and leather on the pallet valves themselves. Once that was done, it totally eliminated the cyphers. Somehow, I managed to not have to do any tuning at all either. If, after cleaning the reeds, you still have missing notes, it is still likely that something is wedged into the reeds themselves I would guess as the previous post mentions...