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  • Dyer Brothers Organ

    I recently purchased a Dyer Brothers Organ in good condition. It required cosmetic cleaning. Two questions - Does anyone have any information about the Dyer Organ? My search on line did not yield a lot of information. I found a Dyer Organ advertisement with a picture in a Minnesota Farm periodical dated 1892. Second - There are two brass brackets (see picture) attached . I assume that would be for a lamp?? If anyone would have a picture of something similar I would appreciate it.

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    Hello and welcome! Check out this link. That seems to be similar to the organ you are enquiring about. Note the brass fittings without lamps. Likely they had swiveling platforms to accommodate candles or lamps. However, this one does have wooden platters for the purpose so the brass fittings are intriguing, Perhaps someone could enlighten us on this.


    Please post some more pictures - the guys here like to drool over beautiful pieces.
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      Jerry - congratulations on the new instrument. From that small photo, it appears to be in good condition. Could you share with us the words on the stop knobs?

      First thing I'd do is to open the back, inspect for loose bits, and maybe carefully dust off the innards. And take a photo of that inside area, to share with us!

      I may be searching for another reed organ soon - yes, the addiction continues.
      Tom M.


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        More Pics of my Dyer Organ. Stops: Bass Coupler, Dulciana, Dulcet, Diapason, Voix Celeste, Flute Forte, Principal Forte, Cremona, Melodia, Horn, Celeste, Treble coupler

        No Vox Humana. I assume around the 1890's


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          I removed the lamp stands so it would fit in the space.


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            Thanks Jerry for the additional pictures. That looks like a very nice specimen and in good condition. If the bellows are still OK one might consider leaving it as is and enjoy. But of course it is likely that an old one like this will perhaps require some work on the insides, at least at some time... but perhaps you are lucky and it was done recently. You will not be sorry for investing in this beautiful piece of history!
            "Don't make war, make music!" Hammonds, Lowreys, Yamaha's, Gulbransens, Baldwin, Technics, Johannus. Reed organs. Details on request...


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              Congrats, Jerry - that thing is lovely. I particularly like the matching pedal covers. Somebody was proud of that baby.

              Oh, and be careful of that bench. I had a claw-food piano-stool honky-tonk type rotating stool split asunder and dump me most ungraciously... the first time I demonstrated the reed organ to my relatives.
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