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Estey dual-manual differences?

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  • Estey dual-manual differences?

    I've been looking for a nice Estey dual-manual organ for a while, and it occurs to me that I don't really know the difference between the T, K and G?
    The "G" is very wide, and the "K" is very tall. T seems the most popular.

    But searching old archives brings up contradictory information. ie Philharmonic reeds, "wide" reeds, ago specs. Reeds above keys etc.
    Anyone know what the real difference is? plus all the other dual-manual variations? student, gibson etc?

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    Let me see if I can brush up on my model variations and reply to your post later. I know the T has more stops than some of the others, but what exactly that means, I do not know.


    P.S. Mine is erroneously listed as a T in the Archive Gallery. I can't change it now. I believe it's probably a G.
    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
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      I ended up getting a style K. Tall case (6 feet?), but surprisingly well laid out in layers. From the top, pedal box, upper reservoir, and swell box (4 full ranks). In the middle are all the keys, and linkage for the 4 couplers. Then below is the great reeds, in 2 boxes. 4 full ranks. Then the bellows. When you look at it in sections, it looks lke any other reed organ. haha.

      I know the G, and T must be laid out different, since for a start, they are not as tall.


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        Chris Rini prepared this handy summary in 2018 of some of the differences between the various Estey 2M models:

        From Chris: "Hey guys, I just threw this together using the Whiting book and my 1907 catalog. I can never keep the various style T actions staight, and I thought this might be useful."

        Link to spreadsheet:

        Organ info can be found at this website.


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          You can also view this 1922 Estey Duo Manual Organ Catalog scan provide courtesy of the Estey Organ Museum to the Internet Archive. You can view it for free on a voluntary donation basis:

          Organ info can be found at this website.


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            Thank you for that link–quite informative!