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Thread: What Pieces Are You Practicing/Playing Right Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by saudade View Post
    Bach Fuge in G minor, bwv 578.

    Neat! The "Little" Fugue in G Minor. I had forgotten about that one. I'll have to retrieve it from my library and add it to programs this year. The piece is a nice example of a Fugue for those just learning.

    Thanks for reminding us of it.

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    A couple of voluntaries by John Stanley.

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    I have my first ever Wedding in 6 weeks time, so practising Mendelssohns Wedding March and Wagners Bridal Chorus.

    Wedding March is slightly harder than I had anticipated, nearly got it.
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    Bach BWV 740, Wir glauben...

    This is the first piece I've played with significant two voices on the pedals. The long lasting notes on the occasional other manual are great for showcasing special sounds with a long developing waveform. One of my favorite choral pieces.

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    I just transcribed Ola Gjeilo's Kyrie from "Sunrise Mass" to organ (organ help from choir). The Spheres...beautiful piece...worked great for Ash Wednesday evening prelude.

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