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    ppp Pianississmo TonySper's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
    Wurlitzer 4140 service manual. I have the schematic and know how to read them I just do not know the flow of the audio and need some help on how to trace things through. I am an Electrical Engineer but have not worked on any organs. I bought this organ for my daughter when she was 12 yeares old back in 1962 and need some info on how to get the pedals to work as they do not have any audio from any of the pedals. All voltages seem to be correct but am lost as to where the audio is produced and past to the generator.

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    ppp Pianississmo TonySper's Avatar
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    Feb 2018

    Need trouble shoot and service manual for Wurlitzer 4140 New to Organ repair need hel

    Quote Originally Posted by paulj0557 View Post
    paulj0557 Organ Schematics
    More on #2 __________ Wurlitzer Schematics // Transistorized Models // Troubleshooting // Wurlitzer Service Manuals

    Today purchased- Click photo to view full size, & click slideshow to see organs (soon will upload all schematics to same location). [I chose 'clickable thumbnail' from the 'choose action'-drop down menu above my uploaded image on photo bucket for this image you see here].

    --7 fold out schematic diagrams for Wurlitzer transistorized models-
    --Wurlitzer Combo Organ

    trouble shooting chart ( pamphlet) for all
    --amps & power supply
    --swell pedal assembly

    also the 4500 section has 14 schematic diagrams

    Yes, you can send me a personal message (PM) and we can discuss sharing them
    Need help Wurlitzer 4140 pedals no sound all B keys don't work. Need trouble shoot and service manual hace schematics can you help

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    Check +190 volts on pedal board. email sent.

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    ppp Pianississmo DavidAdonias's Avatar
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    Hey Everyone!!!!!! I really need a manual/schematics for the Wurlitzer 4373 organ with the orbit 3!!!!! Let me know I'm willing to pay!!!!

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    Looking for a service manual and/or a schematic for a Baldwin Cinema 2 Model 214. We think it has a problem with the power supply, or amp and are trying to debug it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tube_Fan View Post
    I found a schematic that appears to be for the Baldwin Panoramic reverb system that uses an ultrasonic carrier, such as the ones being sold on Ebay. Its on page 130 of the attachment, from Electronic Musical Instruments by R H Dorf. I found this thread here about this type of device:
    See also

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    Allen R350 service manual

    Need service manual & schematics for Allen Renaissance R-350.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim-Z View Post
    Recently acquired one of these in unpleasant condition. Looking for a circuit diagram of some sort?

    Need: Service Manual Lowrey Holiday with Genie TLOK-SA

    I think I may have found one on ebay but I'm not even sure it'll have what I'm looking for.
    Please contact
    Any help please?
    Apologies for the necro post. Did you ever find what you needed? I have one in passable condition but need to check some things.

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    ppp Pianississmo Andrea's Avatar
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    Someone is in possession of the wiring diagrams of the Viscount C160 Grand class? I'd need it to try and repair it.

    Thanks Andrea

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    old soul studios
    Guest old soul studios's Avatar
    Does anyone have schematics for the wurlitzer 805?
    Trying to fix the one we have here at the studio.

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