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Thread: Remembering LENNY DEE gone 10 years today..

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    Always loved his music and as a teenager, I really was inspired by him. I was fortunate enough to talk to him once, and he was a gentleman. Truly a great guy who took time out of his day to speak with me. His 70s work was the stuff I grew up on and loved it.

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    Nice to read others personal stories and memories of Lenny, likewise not a day goes by without playing some of his recordings here such is our fandom of his talent. We are lucky to know some other fans locally and it is nice to enthuse and chat over the whole Lenny scene including Hammonds as you do including a friend who travelled overseas a few times just to meet the great man all wonderful stories. The thing is with that sound and style created by what was at the time something of a genius way ahead of his time I doubt we will ever see anything like it again particularly in a auto keyboard hands free world. The up side is a wealth of studio recordings, video footage survives and even memorabilia which is great news for lovers of his music so the legend will live on.

    A discovery a few years ago was that Lenny sold his own cassette tapes at his shows which he compiled himself one of which contains a unreleased studio track. This track can be found on the tape 'THIS IS ME' and worth out for.
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    Big Lenny Dee Fan, I don't have all of his albums but a lot of them and I like a lot of the early stuff , when he played more straight organ with out all the rhythm stuff he add later

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    He was the Les Paul of the Hammond organ!
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    I second that, Lenny was the best, larger that life, I have through the years able to spend a little time with him, his majic on the keyboard was unbelievable, I have 56 of his albums and some singles. amazingly he played a model A with lots of goodies, he loved this organ which was rebuilt by the Hammond company before Suzuki rolled in and made a mess .

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm from London in the U.K. and my sons are now in their 30's. When they were really young we had thre or four family holidays in Florida (theme parks, etc).
    We used to split between Orlando and St Petersburgh Beach (one week each). Arrived at St Pete's and noticed a billboard outside a Hotel advertising Lenny Dee in residency.
    Suffice to say, I spent an amazing evening at his Cabaret Show and approached him sheepishly at the end,(not knowing how a big star like him would react). I explained
    I was from the U.K. and was a learning organist and that I had many of his music books that I really enjoyed playing. He came forward and hugged me with a big grin on his
    face. We chatted for around twenty minutes, and he was genuinely surprised that somebody from a country so far away not only knew him but happened to own and play
    music books he had produced. I purchased four additional music books from him that I did not have and each one he individually signed inside the front cover with the words,
    "To Chris from your friend Lenny Dee".
    I know it's not much of a story but I found him not only to be a magnificent organ player but a very humble man. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him. Something I will never forget.

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