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I'm an atheist, but I also play in a church. I don't do it for the religion, I don't do it to "praise god", I do it purely because I enjoy the music. I think the decline in mainstream religion has a lot to do with the "extra rules" that often come along with religion. People don't like told "don't do this" because some overarching power that you've never seen will be angry with you. To younger generations, that doesn't make sense. Church is often seen as old fashioned, and even modern rock and megachurches are seen as old people trying to be hip and relevant. And then there's the problem with demonising Atheists. I get **** from hardcore christian all the damn time about how I'm "the spawn of satan" and crap like that. I have had messages from people telling me that they would rather leave their child alone with a murderer and a rapist than me. And I'm sitting here thinking why the hell would I want to join a religion that tells me that I am worse than murderers and rapists? That's the bigger issue that I see. People really don't like being compared to rapists for not believing in the same things as you. And I know that most Christians don't do that, but there is a VERY vocal minority that do. I don't have an issue with religion, just don't try and force me to join it.
Amen (even if it is not appropriate)! There is a lot wrong with organised religion and that is hurting the organ. All the rest is just miror issues, the largest problem is religion, not faith mind you, that is completely separate.