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Thread: Gulbransen Rialto K Schematic / service manual

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    Gulbransen Rialto K Schematic / service manual

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum.

    I recently acquired a gulbransen rialto k. The owner said it works but in general Im fairly skeptical when it comes to old tube / transistor equipment. I am actually a repair technician so servicing the organ shouldn't be a problem.

    However only an owners manual was included with the organ. Which only shows basic setup and some functions.

    I am looking for a service manual or even just a schematic.

    If anyone has one or knows where i could find one that would be extremely helpful.

    Also the organ came with a Leslie 101 speaker. A service manual on this would be great too.

    I'm really looking forward to getting this organ in tip top shape again.

    Thanks for your time everyone!

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    I went through the organ and cleaned everything.

    The Rialto K is 100% solid state. Even though the owner told me differently. I kind of expected it to be solid state. I think he confused the 9 pin mini tube sockets used in the tone generation for actual tubes.

    The power supply looks old and in need of some service. I will probably do some in depth testing of all the power supply capacitors. In addition, the power cord needed to be replaced. It was internally shorted.

    The Leslie 101 included a schematic so I should be able to service it myself.

    I will upload pictures of the process when I finish the restoration.


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    Hi - not sure if you ever got the schematic for the Rialto K but I have one I can scan. I think your model was internally referred to as the K-101 since it was the second revision and had an extra tremulant tab for use the the Leslie 101 speaker (the first Rialto K use Leslie 100GK speakers).
    No there are no tubes in the organ but there are in the Leslie. Sometimes people think the large multi-section filter capacitor cans (of which that model has several) are "tubes".
    Sorry for the long delay - I am not on this forum very much any more.
    - jimmy
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    I also have the same Gulbransen Rialto K organ and Leslie 101 speaker (for sale, see classifieds) that is probably in about the same condition as the ones you described. The Leslie has an Owner's Manual with Instructions, Service Information, and Parts List. It contains a general schematic for the four-channel amplifier, and signal junction chassis detail schematic, a detailed schematic of an individual amplifier channel, and a channelling system schematic for the loudspeakers.

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    I just looked at a Rialto with Leslie 100GK for sale here in Chicago (same corner in a woman's living room since it was new in the 1960's (and not played since the 1990's). Predictably more of a roar than a hum, and many key, pedal and stop contacts in some distress. If as you say the only tubes are in the Leslie, that would give me some hope. It also comes with all the owner's manuals and even some method books. AND the woodwork, keys and stops are totally cherry. Barely a scratch on the bench.

    It may be of interest to someone, but at considerably less than the $1,500 the lady's son is asking for it. Wouldn't trade my Rodgers Trio for it (even to get a leslie).


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