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Thread: Help with 147

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    Help with 147

    Does anybody know of a HAMMOND/ LESLIE tech that would make a local house call (Floral Park N.Y.).
    Iím getting a lot of distortion from 147.
    I Donít think itís a speaker cause Itís comming from upper and lower .. which where both fine before this issue.
    LESLIE is hooked to M-3 via dr fishstcks 6w controller.
    Organ sounds fine with internal speaker only. I have zero skllls working with electronics..
    I didnít want to just try a new pair of 6550's as Iíve read that bad coupling caps can damage 6550's. Is that correct?
    Any ideas for a possible very quick fix? If so,
    Call Don (516) 485-5668. Thanks!
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