Is the organ at the UMC in Boardman open to guests to play? I have relatives who live in Boardman, and we play at their church every time we go through. Your organ sounds like a lovely one to "visit," though!
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I don't know what you mean by 'echo'. I really want to understand this so I am asking you to figure out how to explain it better .
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I think I know what you mean ... I do that with "Now Thank We All Our God". 1st phrase is on a robust registration on the Great, maybe with Swell coupled. 2nd phrase is much reduced, or contrasting, on the Swell. I don't think of it as an echo so much as an Antiphonal response. I keep bouncing back and forth between the manuals at the end of each phrase, until the final one which I try to have be on the fuller registration.
Since you provided the explanation, I made the mistake of assuming you'd know what I meant. Antiphonal vs. echo is a bit of semantics to me. The overall concept is the same, although a bit different in execution. I hope I didn't misunderstand your words--especially since I've chosen to emulate them at some point in the future.


P.S. When teaching elementary school, we used the terms call and response, but I think that may be the reverse of what we've discussed.