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    Leslie Cable

    I have two thirty foot 9 pin Leslie cables and no 9 pin Leslies any more and I now need a 6 pin hook up for my new BC/147 rig. I noticed when rebuilding the 147 amp yesterday that the wire gauges for the Tremolo control were quite small. Can you guess where Iím heading with this?

    Can I repurpose a 9 pin cable as a 6 pin using the redundant wiring for switching 240 vac to the relay?
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    You can use the 9 pin cable for a 6 pin 147 hookup. The blue and gray wire size in the 9 pin cable will safely will handle the primary AC power to the 147.
    Be sure to use the blue and gray wires for the AC power on pins 3 and 4 of the 6 pin for the 147.

    The tremolo control requires very little current when energized, and the other wires in the 9 pin cable can easily handle this.


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