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    Alright folks. New run cap is now in place, peak voltage with 245 in mains is about 320 measured by oscilloscope as well as memory DMM. I think 450AC will be fine

    Generator now runs at stable RPM not oscillating anymore and it is getting quieter gradually with more use. motor itself looks fine and none of the bearings have collapsed.

    I have also cleaned the molex connectors and all the drawbars are now functional.

    Now to the outstanding hum.
    It is still present but to be fair there was some hum in the T200 as well. I'm not sure what is "normal" and what is not

    Even if I disconnect everything from main module (power amp and PSU) it remains the same. There is a change in pulsating noise getting in from vibrato module but the base hum remains pretty much unchanged.

    I have changed PSU caps in another L100 for double and sometimes tripple the values and it improves the overall hum levels somewhat. I'll do the same here if there's no other way around it

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    The value you measured when the engine is running seems correct. Near 245V x Sqrt (2) = 345V.
    In my opinion at startup it could reach 245V x 2 = 490V for a short time.
    Anyway, I'm glad your speed problem is fixed.

    Your Hum may come from the environment if it is particularly noisy.

    May be there is some noisy electric equipment near the organ.
    Swap the mains to another plug. Try to unplug the earth for a short time.


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    Hi Guys just to let you know I finished this restoration and the result is fabulous. Massive thanks for everyones help.

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