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Thread: Rodgers #790 value vs Allen ADC-7000 (swap)

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    Quote Originally Posted by James P View Post
    Michael, John or anyone,
    Was told if I have Allen Organ serial #, I can look up year it was built somewhere here on Forum website. Anyone know where?
    Want to look up years built on my 301-B organ’s got coming.

    I've given up getting any help from Allen HQ for anything. Others seem to be able to get responses, but I can't–even when I visit in person!

    Regarding the age of your organ, unless the scheme was changed, the date of manufacture is stamped on most boards/devices in the organ. For example, if your organ has the code J78 stamped on it, that particular device was made October of 1978. If the code is H83, the device was made in August of 1983. Start with A=January, through L=December to determine the month of manufacture, and the year is the two-digit number following the letter.

    While you can't get an exact date, I've found this method suffices. Of course, your organ may have a board or two replaced, but you can most certainly ignore the outliers to get a general date of manufacture. The date of sale could be a bit harder, though, without Allen's help.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the helpful info on month/year Allen Organs are built.

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    As Michael says, the letter+2numbers date codes will give you the date of manufacture for many models. AFAIK, all ADC and MADC models, all MOS2 models and the ill-fated MDC models will be marked this way. In the early days of MOS1, they were using some other kind of date coding that I've never been able to de-code. Back then, they had a three-digit date code, but it has no direct correlation to the months and years. Could have been some kind of "weeks of production" code, I suppose, but it never made any sense to me.

    Sometime in the MOS1 era though, they changed over to the system that Michael describes. I'm quite sure that by 1976 they were using the letter+2numbers system.

    Beginning with MDS and continuing to the present, most Allen organs have the actual calendar dates written on many assemblies, and Renaissance and later models have a metal plate on the back at floor level that gives the model number, serial number, and the actual date of production at the factory.
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