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Thread: Viewing Organ Forum on iPhone and iPad

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    Viewing Organ Forum on iPhone and iPad

    I tried searching IOS on the forum search feature to see if my question has been asked already but cannot find anything....
    I rely on my iPad at home and iPhone at work to surf the net and read this forum. When I am in the main forum menu the page is full width. When I go into Hammond Organs or Leslie Speakers or any sub forum for that matter, the page halves in width. After about 10 attempts I manage to stretch the page with two fingers so that it is legible. Most times the page snaps back to half width again.
    I wanted to know if other IOS users have experienced this, whether it is a forum bug or whether I need to change settings on my phone. I donít think I get this on other forum platforms although the Organ Forum is the one I visit most.
    Thanks for everything you do to keep the forum going!
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    For your phone, you should be using the mobile theme. See

    You could also try using this theme on your iPad. I have no idea why you're seeing the formatting issues you describe if you're using the standard themes on your iPad. When the page width collapses to half the screen width, what's displayed on the other half of the screen?

    I don't own any Apple hardware, but if you continue to have problems, I'd try using a browser other than Safari.

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    Thanks Admin. I didnít realise both devices had the forum on full site setting and I didnít realise there was a mobile setting under themes. So I am enjoying the mobile version now! Thanks for your help!

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    Ah, the simplest solutions are the very BEST.
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