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Thread: Need Advice on Leaving a B3 for 18 Months

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Anderson View Post
    Here's what mice can do, given enough time.

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    I read that in a years time a mouse will excrete a gallon of urine. Yikes.

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    U.S. or Imperial?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonewheel View Post
    By the way, a bear in a Leslie could be even more fun. This is what is left of a Sequoia:
    And this is why you should never leave your pets locked in your car.

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    My Jack Russell terrier keeps the mice away in our household. It’s his favourite pastime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Anderson View Post
    Here's what mice can do, given enough time.

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    Good lord!
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    I have a big older fatar 88 key plugged into logic pro X, which is setup to play standing> my back loves that sometimes. Last few nights I've been exploring the B3 in LogicX and leslies that go with it. The macbook pro has optical out into a very good 5 channel. I was frankly astounded at how good it sounded playing around. I'm trying get control of the options now. I can split the 88 into pedals, great and swell. I never heard a clone on youtube sound like this thing. Lots of tweaks too, all mappable. So a small MIDI keyboard or two....for you.

    The hardest part is adapting to the SL880 weighted keys, I love so much, after the RT3 plastic ones, but similar feeling keys would be easy to find....except I did notice that the real hammond staggered pipe attack was not present...that may be my setup. But I think you could get a real good fix anyway
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