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Thread: Wurlitzer 4602 electrostatic organ trips

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    Wurlitzer 4602 electrostatic organ trips

    Each time I switch the organ on the electrics trip

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    Please translate that into American english. Do you mean that the house circuit breaker/fuses pop or that it trips a power strip or the organ is just laying down and refusing to do anything after hitting the switch?
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    Probably means it trips the circuit breaker. I think they will do this if the motor is frozen up. First step would be to make sure the motor can turn freely by hand before applying electric power. This may involve extensive oiling or even squirting some kind of de-rusting solvent into the motor itself. It must be made to turn with little effort or it won't work.

    Worst case would be having to open up the blower box, if something inside there is frozen up. I've never done that, but maybe someone else on the forum can tell you about it. But try oiling up the motor first.
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    Yes it was the motor.The vacuum tubes went then smoke came out the motor which is connected to the reedbox.IMG_20181011_112525.jpg

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