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Thread: Which organs lead congregagtional singing best?

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    The Giubiasco and Strassburg sample set default temperaments are not equal. Play a B Major chord and then change the temperament from Default to Equal and it will be obvious. I don't know if that would make any difference in congregational singing, however. Perhaps some more experienced church organists could weigh in on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerin View Post
    As I use a VPO in my church now I naturally try different sample sets when playing for services. I have found that my congregation sings well with romantic style organs but are quite noticeably worse singing with baroque style organs. The more authentically baroque the worse they sing and get a little lost with the tempo. This is puzzling to me as baroque organs are brighter, more transparent and you would think easier to sing to.

    So I'm wondering if this is something common or is it just my congregation?
    I can safely say that the issue you are describing is not just limited to your congregation as I've seen this happen before. My old church has carpeting throughout the sanctuary, with the only visible tiling located where the pews are. At any rate, the church also has a beautiful 1920s era three manual Austin pipe organ there too. Unfortunately, however, the instrument is no longer functional due to a severe mechanical issue. The front of the sanctuary also has a known "dead zone" which absorbs sound quickly. Back when the organ was functional, there was no better sound in the world then hearing that Austin sing. Back when I had a few opportunities to play it, I used the Sforzando frequently!
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