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Thread: B2 with 21H Rescued

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    B2 with 21H Rescued

    Hey guys I just wanted to share with you my joy, maybe get some advice. I just grabbed this '53ish B2 with a 21H Leslie. A guy who had it for sale was seriously threatening to take it to the burn pile I scrambled right away. It's a lovely red Mahogany and has smooth drawbars! Complete with bench, pedals, and these great custom metal rolling carts. The leslie needs some serious sorting, but he practically Gave it to me. The organ seems in perfect working order, still quiet action. So happy I could save this!

    1009182201 (1).jpg1009182204d.jpg

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    Nice, these are the deals I dream of. I've been lucky enough to score a couple too! Enjoy
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    Sweet! Howards mahogany wipes right over the walnut.Who's to know?
    I have one too.
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    Very nice score for both pieces. A B2 with smooth drawbars is very desirable. Just add Trek II percussion. Looks pretty clean inside.

    I've ended up being something of a specialist in 1950s Leslies, so keep us posted. Does it have the 21H amp in it, or the 32H amp? And does it have the original Jensen woofer?

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    that's more or less my dream rig! I absolutely love the tone of the -2 series Hammonds, and the 21H is my favorite Leslie. Congrats!
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    Very nice find. Congradulations. Bet it will sound sweet when its all done.

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    Serious congratulations. It looks just beautiful. I too have a 21H with my 55 B3 and love it. I added a plugin 2 speed adaptor. If the 21H speaker magnet is square, it's likely the original.

    Have fun!!
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    Very Cool. Let us know how it pans out.

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    Congratulations! It’s a beauty!
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    Quote Originally Posted by enor View Post
    that's more or less my dream rig! I absolutely love the tone of the -2 series Hammonds, and the 21H is my favorite Leslie. Congrats!
    It's my dream rig, too -- and in fact I have that combo, as well as a 31H. It's very sweet-sounding. My late '54 also has smooth drawbars, and Trek II percussion and reverb had been added before I acquired it. I added motor controllers to add Chorale to the Leslies, changed the upstop and downstop felts, had the preamp and Leslie crossovers rebuilt and recapped the vibrato line box -- all of which made a big difference. Years ago, I thought I would eventually want to replace it with a B-3. But the B-2 is just awesome!

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