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Thread: Why are my images rotated or upside down?

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    Question Why are my images rotated or upside down?

    This a common problem with iPhone pictures. If you're using an iPhone, make sure the volume buttons are pointing down when you take the picture. Apple decided not to orient the data in the file the correct way, but rather to rely upon the EXIF metadata in the file to describe the correct display orientation. Unfortunately, that's not a robust solution as many programs ignore the metadata, and some photo editors either strip it or overwrite it when saving an edited version; however, rotating and saving the image in a photo editor should give you a correctly oriented image.
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    And while you have the image in your photo editor, see if you can also correct the 'wide angle' effect. Photoshop has 'adaptive wide angle' correction that automatically strips out the distortion that the phone's wide angle lens creates.
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