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Thread: Which Keyboard?

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    I have had a reply back from Laukhuff regarding the Espressivo system, including the installation manual. I must say that it is very impressive, and covers every aspect of a VPO/MIDI setup. It's not the cheapest, that's for sure, but when you look at the quality of the components, and how it's designed, you begin to understand why it costs more. The pedalboard design is quite unique, and compatible for virtually any make or type of pedalboard. It is certainly worth looking at it on their website. I wanted to download the manual and put it up here, but the file size is a little larger than is allowed, which is a shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickypee View Post
    Further to the above, I have been looking on the Laukhuff website and they do a complete MIDI system called Espressivo. This looks to be a very high quality product that is completely adjustable and includes velocity sensitivity. In my nativity, I have never played a pipe organ with such a function, so not really seeing the benefit here. I'm sure one of you knows much more about the subject than I do, please enlighten!! So, it seems to me, that seeing as the keyboards are made by Laukhuff, and they have a system to suit which is also adaptable to any pedalboard, perhaps this is a better way to go. Does anyone have any experience with Espressivo? would be very interested to learn as much as I can about it, it may make life a lot easier in the end.
    Velocity sensitivity only becomes of benefit when the MIDI encoder and the VPO software can use the extra information in non pipe organ specific ways. For example: the commercial digital instrument that I play has MIDI access to hundreds of non-classical sounds and percussions (including piano) that are velocity sensitive. If the organ's keyboards did not have the capability these sounds could not be used realistically even though the native instrument sounds could care less. As another example: in my own VPO project I would like to create a kind of ersatz 'second touch' like is used in Theater Organs. True second touch keyboards are MUCH harder to find and are MUCH more expensive than velocity sensitive keyboards which are ubiquitous and available at all price points. Instead of a second set of contacts triggering the coupler to the alternate voice, it would be a threshold velocity level above which the alternate voice is triggered. But, TL;DR velocity sensitivity is not at all necessary for a straight classical VPO, but these days it might be harder to find keyboards that do not have it than to find those that do.

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