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Thread: New Organist Music

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    For what it’s worth, take a look at the list of hymns that are used the most. If there isn’t a list, start making one. Even more useful is to include in such list the “tune names.”. You may be surprised to find some useful collections of music on those hymn tunes by publishers such as “Morning Star Music” and “Concordia Publishing House”, both in Missiouri. A number of younger composers are represented by these tow publishers and their works are quite useful in worship. As an example, I recently started an interim postion at an Episcopal parish and have played a number of hymn based compositions by Michael Burkhardt, Robert Hobby, Michael Costello, and Paul Manz - and congregants have been thoroughly happy with these musical offerings. They often say “How refreshing!”. Or “How appropriate that music was.”. Just food for thought.

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    Thanks Leisesturm. I've just started looking for Christmas music and I'll be checking that out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by étudiantd'orgue View Post
    Thanks Leisesturm. I've just started looking for Christmas music and I'll be checking that out.
    My favourite Christmas collection is the Oxford one:

    There's now also one for manuals only but I don't know this one:

    The varied harmonies for last verses by Rawsthorne are indeed very good. All 400 are now published in one book for $49.50. (revised so that the keys agree with most hymn books):

    Personally I'm not a fan of Kevin Mayhew's organ music. Much of it is, to me, bland and banal. However it's approachable and many people seem to like it.

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