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Thread: Needed: Service Manual for Hammond T-400

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    Needed: Service Manual for Hammond T-400

    I would be grateful for a Service Manual for the Hammond T400. I found one for the T500, but as I understood, there was a grave design change between the 400 and the 500 so it is not particulary useful ...

    Thank you in advance -


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    Hi Jes,
    Captain Foldback is the place to look:

    The scans were uploaded before unlimited internet was so prevalent, so the resolution could be better, and its had some of the extra pages removed for brevity.

    I DID buy a full T-series manual some years back but have somehow never garnered the enthusiasm to scan it all. It should happen ONE day.
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    Thanks Brendon! I found these; yet they do not contain all infos a service manual would provide ...
    If you would dare to send me a copy, I could have my secretary scan it ...

    greetings, Jes

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    T-300 service manual here, but I don't know how much the variants will vary.
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    Thank you very much!
    I also found the original one on *bay, so the problem is solved.
    I will keep you informed whether or not the T-300 is identical.

    greetings, Jes

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