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Thread: Rieger Renovation

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    Rieger Renovation

    I own a Rieger 25 rank "DRP" organ. Two manuals and pedal, obviously tracker action. It was manufactured in 1954 and first installed in the auditorium of the Metropolitan Museum in of Art in NYC. It is now in our home in Colorado. I know that there are builders and refurbishers out there who have successfully rebuilt these fine instruments and I would like (assuming $$ not to high) to have this one also refurbished also so that I have a wonderful instrument to play for the balance of my life.

    For those unfamiliar with these instruments, they are probably the most compact 25 rank instruments ever built and have a small scale. Swell and Great are in an over/under configuration i in front of the keyboards with pull down action. The Pedal division is under and behind the bench.

    The organ is complete and playable but certainly needs some tender, loving care. Anyone who can help point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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    You have a real gem there. It is amazing how much organ Rieger fit into such a compact space. I don't know how many of these they built, but it must have been a considerable number because you do see them pop up used from time to time.

    Patrick J. Murphy in Stowe, Pennsylvania does a great deal of restoration work. He installed an older tracker in one of the churches I used to serve. He does quality work for a reasonable fee.

    Good luck to you.

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    May I suggest these Illinois firms:

    Berghaus, Bellwood Il., near Chicago,

    J.L. Weiler, Chicago,

    Buzard, Champaign,

    AB Organ, Downers Grove.

    All have web sites with current projects and contact info.

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    Have you contacted any of the Denver organ shops? Long-time local firm Morel and Associates may have some suggestions.

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