There's been a recent uptick in posts containing email addresses, so although these warnings have been posted before, it appears to be a good time to repeat them.

Do Not Post Your Email Address

on this Forum, in the Forum Classifieds, or anywhere else on the open Internet.

Automated programs, called Bots, routinely scan this site, and others on the Internet, harvesting email addresses for use by spammers and hackers. These evil doers use your email address to fill your inbox with spam or in a scheme to steal your identity or to defraud you or others. And the worst part is that your email address will be discoverable for these nefarious purposes for as long as that information can be found on the Internet.

There is No Need To Post Your Email Address On This Forum

People can contact you through this forum either by Private Message or email. Your Forum Settings determine which, if any, of these methods are available to contact you. You can customize these settings by clicking the Settings link at the top of the page and clicking General Settings in the left side-bar on the Settings page.

Wait! Won't my email address be visible to Bots if I enable contact by email in my Settings?

No. In order for people to contact you via email through the Forum, they must click on your username and then click the @email link in the popup menu. Then they will taken to a form where they can enter their message. When the message is submitted, the Forum will email their message to your address on their behalf thereby keeping your email address confidential. The Forum Classifieds automatically provide a private message contact link in the ad itself.

In general, it's a bad idea to post information that can be easily used to violate your privacy or compromise your identity. Your email address is such information. Friendly moderators here will often delete email addresses from this site, but you should be self-reliant when it comes to protecting your security.