There seems to be a lot of EP series Roland digital pianos being sold "as is" or "for parts only," largely due to broken circuit traces on the key contact boards. I've bought 3 of them hoping the traces could be fixed but without much luck. With the last one, an EP7, it occurred to me that tossing the thing in the dumpster was a waste of a nice sounding MIDI'd instrument. I especially like the piano, E. Piano, and Vibes. So, I stripped out the necessary components with the plan to make a sound module. I found a suitable, rack-mountable enclosure on eBay and laid out the front panel (see the photos.) In the next few days I'll finish wiring the controls to the main PCB. The enclosure, available here:

It's made from a rigid plastic that's easy to mark and drill with a step bit. It took me a couple of hours to layout the front panel.

All in all, it'll be a welcome addition to my gear and salvage a good instrument.