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Thread: Orla GT1600 rebranded as Hammond XJ-100

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    Orla GT1600 rebranded as Hammond XJ-100


    Just came across some info about an „Aurora Petite“ sold by Hammond around 2003, which in fact was a rebranded Orla GT1600.

    Does anybody have some background info about that? How did it came that Hammond started to sell several of the Orla organs as Hammonds?

    Was that before the XE was introduced, while it was sold, or after the production stopped?
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    As was often the case, it an American (OK Japanese-American in this case) manufacturer needing a lower cost instrument, so off they went to Orla this time to get something off the peg. Orla had, of course, at one point been suppliers of the lower end of the Lowrey range. Orla also made an XL. Hammond were really into recycling the old model letters, but I think they could possibly have avoided J, with memories of those instruments!
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    Never knew of that one most interesting and unexpected. Makes you wonder what possibilities could be up for a new Lowrey doesn't it.
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