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Thread: Allen Organ possible headphone jack

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    Allen Organ possible headphone jack

    Hello, I have an allen 120-RTC from the 1980s and I was curious as to if could somehow install a headphone jack so I could practice late at night. Is there a possible way to do it without ruining the entire instrument?


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    Try searching the Forum for the answer. Meanwhile, here are a couple of possible threads:

    The above threads are just an example of what you can find here.

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    I considered adding earphone jack to my Model 120 but decided that the very slight "thumping" of the petals might be enough to annoy my wife at any time in the day.

    Another factors contributing to this decision were:

    • a less than line-level amplitude signal from the organ's preamps to the amplifiers,
    • a need to mix the Principal and Flute channels and then amplify them to drive the earphones and
    • a desire to turn off (short the input) to the organ's amplifiers/speakers when using earphones. My model 120 does not have a tab to turn off its internal speakers.

    I also did not want to drill any holes in the console's side panels.

    At the time I looked into adding an earphone jack, I considered using an old stereo preamplifier between the organ's preamplifiers and power amplifiers. That preamp has as special low-level input, the ability to convert stereo to mono, a headphone output jack and the ability to turn off the tape output which would be the signal output routed to the organ's amplifiers. I would still need to add some attenuation in those last lines since they are at line-level. My heart was never in the project so I never tried it.
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    Could always try this little beauty

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    I have an Allen HUGE MOS organ with multiple channels and I am running it through my mixing board and I can listen to it through headphones or through two cabinets as I mixed them all to, two channels and now has head phone capabilities. but mine has outboard amplification which makes it easy to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBoyDeere View Post
    Could always try this little beauty
    That would work great for ADC and newer organs that have line level audio. It may not work on a MOS era (or older) Allen organs unless the signal is adjusted properly. I didn't see a 'pan' function on the mixer. Personally, I would like to be able to set each channel's audio to a mix of R/L so that they seem to occur from different points in the sound field (rather than only L, R, or both).

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