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Thread: Some Christmas organ music.

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    Exactly what I was looking for, Bill. Gracias.

    Home: Johannus Opus 370

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    Quote Originally Posted by voet View Post
    Tony, scholars now attribute this to Johann Michael Bach.

    In the Wikipedia article they identify him thus:

    ...a German composer of the Baroque period. He was the brother of Johann Christoph Bach, as well as first cousin, once removed and father-in-law of Johann Sebastian Bach (he was the father of J.S. Bach's first wife Maria Barbara Bach). He is sometimes referred to as the "Gehrener Bach" to distinguish him from the "Wuppertaler Bach", Johann Michael Bach (1745–1820).

    Later in the article:

    His most-performed work is the small chorale prelude for organ, In Dulci Jubilo, which for many years was attributed to J. S. Bach (it was ascribed the catalog number BWV 751).

    I am not sure when the attribution was corrected or by whom. I hope that helps.
    There are (now) two sources: the Leipzig one just says "di Bach", so could have been any of them. However the recently discovered Neumeister copy attributes it clearly to J.M. Bach (though he is not known to have written anything like it).

    It's been suggested that the "carillon" figure at bars 18 and 54 could be played on a glockenspiel stop such as was known in Thuringia.

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