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Thread: Some Excellent Playing From Scandinavia on a Fine Organ

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    Some Excellent Playing From Scandinavia on a Fine Organ

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    Agreed. I've recommended Marko Hakanpaa's YouTube channel several times on this forum.

    On his parish organ, a fine Grönlund instrument at St. Michael's in Turku, Finland, he presents many interesting 20th and 21st century composers with splendid playing and registration. In fact I am always amazed at how many registration changes he makes in each piece (you can see his foot hit the NEXT pedal to the left of the crescendo roller), indicating quite a bit of preparation before recording the performance for YT.

    He also is a composer and there are performances of some of his compositions on his YT channel.

    I must admit I find the "space shuttle" console on the organ in the Turku Cathedral (your first link) rather strange. The stop controls do not look particularly organist friendly or easy to access quickly for quick hand registration changes.

    From Marko's web site ( ):

    "As organist I always explore unknown organ music, and perform forgotten gems. In my recitals I also often improvise on hymn tunes. My childhood dream was to become a locomotive driver. Since Summer 2017 I am a qualified locomotive driver."

    A multi-talented gentleman.

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    Thrilling organ playing from the UK:

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