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Hammond L102470 viewsFound this Hammond L102 at a retirement home with busted keys and howling motor. She runs pretty good now and I'm trying tofind a good home for her!
Leslie 145375 viewsRescued this old gal without the amplifier from the basement of some kid. It was so scarred up and nasty, butstill managed to fire up. My buddy Jim restored the finish and replaced the top and bottom molding. It had trashstacked on top of her with cigs and beer cans and looked like somebody had dragged it up and down ten miles of bad pavement. I've replaced the horn driver since and oiled the motors and bought a Dr. Fishsticks motor controllerto run this beauty!
M3.JPG614 viewsBought this one from a studio in Kansas City, MO.
Proline Leslie 730.JPG374 viewsFound this one in the basement of a store going out of business. In great shape and a bargain at $200.00 dollars! Two channels andvery rare with a 15", 12", two 6x9"s and horn rotor.  
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