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206 viewsThe Thomas without the Music Rack attached
147 viewsVixie is inspecting the organ bench box!
139 viewsJust opened the bench box
137 viewsContents of the bench box - It even came with a handy wrench to tighten the leg bolts!
137 viewsFinished assembling the bench!
135 viewsThe padded bench is very sturdy, and has a handy compartment for music and other goodies! Nice!
172 viewsThe rear of the organ...
161 viewsThe various inputs and outputs...
160 viewsHere's an air vent, and inside is a small fan for cooling.

The serial number is: 090028
190 viewsFour Woofers and Four Tweeters!
The sound is amazing! Even though these are 8" Woofers, the design is impeccable! They put out tight, DEEP bass! Frankly, just about equal to my dedicated sub-woofer for my Home Theater!
We're talking Floor Shaking Bass! - not muddy.
The Tweeters are very clean and natural sounding in combination with the woofers.
I looked in the ports.. The woofers are enclosed and do not utilize the cabinet space.. the woofer enclosures are lined with what looks like Fiberglas...
161 viewsThis is the top that gave me fits trying to figure out how to remove it! The narrow circuit board has the lights for lighting the control panel.. It's actually three circuit boards that were joined by just SOLDER! - no wires or connectors.. The problem was that one of the boards solder 'blobs' for both the + and - runners were broken! Hence, no electricity was getting to most of the bulbs! All I had to do was solder a few solid wire pieces to the boards - joining the boards together! [cover off]
193 viewsThe console's top is opened at last!!
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