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301b Capture Action Power Supply236 viewsP/S for the Allen 301 capture action. Could you imagine a more unserviceable location?[:S]
4/23 Wurlitzer188 viewsHaving fun! 10pm on November 17, 2009 at the open console on the Rochester Theatre Organ Society's Grierson Memorial 4/23 Mighty Wurlitzer. My friends surprised me-during my first song, they started raising the console out of the pit, and when I finished, I looked behind me where there had been floor, and there was a 5' drop straight down!
Calvary Church main organ case225 viewsMain organ case of Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC. 1990 Moller organ, V/205. Viewed from the right of the lower balcony at worship on 7/19/09. This view doesn't show the two ancillary divisions, each with a Trompette-en-Chamade.
CC console169 viewsConsole of the organ in Christ Episcopal Church, East Avenue, Rochester, NY. This incredible instrument was built by the Goetberg Organ Art Center in 2008 as an exact replica of the 1776 Casparini organ in Vilnius, Lithuania. I had the extreme fortune to have a lesson there on 5/13/2009 (my teacher is the director of music there) and I was uttterly astounded by the beautiful sound of the instrument. Although I had heard it before, it seems to never have sounded better to me than that day.
CC organ, center facade156 viewsAnother pic of St. David, this time showing more of the center casework, as well as the twin Zimbelsterns. 5/13/09
Church Sanctuary195 viewsCurrent sanctuary of my church, after our Christmas concert. Legally, it seats 600, but after about 450 or so, it feels full.J. Strauss and Son (Chinese stencil brand???) 52" baby grand at left, Allen MOS-301B at right. The HC10s are off to the side where you can't see them. The strings now sit on the ground next to me, and the woodwinds are next to the piano. The brass play from the sound booth/balcony, where I took this picture from.
Duets with Tim157 viewsHaving even more fun, at 10:30 pm playing extemporaneous duets with Tim Schramm! He is a great theatre and church/classical organist (unlike me who's only a mediocre church/classical organist[:P]) He played Sleigh Ride and I pulled out the toy counter and added in some cymbals and drums and horse whinnies on the siren. Then we did some Christmas carols (O Come All Ye Faithful, Angels We Have Heard on High, and some others) and some gospel hymns (Since Jesus Came Into My Heart, To God Be the Glory, etc.) and I added descants on the Solo Bombarde, Tuba Mirabilis, English Horn, and Trumpet as he played with all his might. The 4 people who were still there were loving it-they were shouting "Louder, louder!" and we complied. I love trackers just as much, by the way!  
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