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Leslie Horns - Papier-Mache!123 views(for illustration in a thread)
leslie825_open-back.jpg120 viewsCreated by ImageGear, AccuSoft Corp.
Leslie_poorMans251soCalled2LOL.jpg169 viewsMy effort at a "poor man's 251" LOL.  (one of them anyway!)
This is a Leslie 245 with the top 1/3 of a Leslie 700 on top of it, serving as a passive reverb cab.  The two 6x9s that originally handled the higher range of the straight channel in the 700 have been re-purposed to handle the reverb signal from my A100 (via a 1/4" line out from the reverb amp.)  This puts the reverb signal out in the room with the Leslie, where it belongs.
Please note that this was not the wanton destruction of a Leslie 700!  It had already donated its heatsink, amps, power supply, and woofer to a woebegone 760.
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