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A-102 photo 1252 viewsHere's the A-102 and Leslie 130 when I got them. The A-102 was not working; the TWG and Start Motor were stuck, there were three missing tones, and two damaged keys.
A-102 photo 2249 viewsPre- restoration
A-102 photo 3406 viewsNotice the felt lining the bottom of the cabinet on this 1962 A-102. Nice touch but it was gone by early 1963 on my A-100. The 62 is quieter running in a silent room. 
A-102 photo 5424 viewsLoosen, do not remove, the screw that holds the key channel secure. Slide the channel up to remove. Make sure the new channel is properly seated on the studs located near the screw. Tighten the screw. The hard part is holding the camera in your mouth.  
A-102 photo 6355 viewsReplacing a key. Loosen, DO NOT REMOVE, the one screw at the back end of the key channel and slide it up to remove. Use a mirror if you can't find the screw.
A100 #31037378 viewsEarly 1963 A-100 Serial # 31037
A102 297 viewsThe A102 before restoration. TWG sluggish, start motor frozen, missing tones.
IMG_5067.JPG306 viewsStart motor 
IMG_5083.JPG360 viewsTWG Here you see the wax caps, the terminal strip is in the lower part of the photo.The black wires go to the upper manual strip. 
IMG_5099.JPG576 viewsUpper manual raised. You have access to the lower key channels and the upper manual terminal strip.Remember ~ It's a good idea to use a piece of cardboard or something to keep from scratching the cabinet when raising the manuals. Be careful not to damage the drawbars, keep them pulled out if needed. Watch the back side of them for interference, lift gently and slowly.Unplug the organ before disassembly. Be careful of electrocution hazards practically everywhere when opened.   
IMG_5101a.jpg491 viewsRaising the Manuals 
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