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Orga-thon620 viewsIn 1994 I did a sponsored orga-thon for the annual BBC 'Children in Need' appeal.  I played non-stop (except for an allowed meal break and a couple of 5-minute 'rest breaks') for over 12 hours. Apart from a couple of requests, I didn't play the same piece twice. Raised several hundred pounds for the appeal.Aug 04, 2010
Hector Olivera's party piece1031 viewsWe've talked about Hector playing 'Flight of the Bumblebee' on the pedals, so here's a photo of him doing it. This was at a private 'concert' at the 'Organ Loft' week-long organ expo in October 1979, held at the Novotel, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK.
This was about 2am, after a 'heavy' night for most of us. Don't know how he did it. He went on to play the Widor Toccata, and when some drunken fool (not me!) said "OK, Clever clogs, play it in G", he said "OK!" and just did it!
Aug 04, 2010
1170 viewsAug 04, 2010
Private concert on the Hammond X661147 viewsThis was the X66 I played most often. As well as two Series 12 speakers, it had a big Leslie 910. The owner also had a Concorde with leslies and a Bechstein concert grand.Aug 04, 2010
1137 viewsAug 04, 2010
1479 viewsAug 04, 2010
Very early days!984 viewsFirst musical 'job'. Resident organist at a hotel. Aged 13, I think. Love the hairstyle!Aug 04, 2010
849 viewsAug 04, 2010
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