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1939 Wicks Sonatina Casework218 viewsBeing redone - casework in living room. Chest is being rebuilt.
Casework for 3 rank Wicks228 viewsThis organ was in the balcony of a Catholic Church in Davenport, IA that was closed. I have it at home and it is a project for down the road. I paid movers to get the blower unit out of a small room about 15 ft. off of the ground. To make a long story short the motor was shot and so I will have to have another motor modified with a long shaft or come up with some other arrangement.
Console for 3 rank Wicks with enclosed casework.189 views
Wicks Sonatina Console211 views1939 3 rank Wicks Sonatina with attached console. Has been refinished and is in process of being rebuilt.
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