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Most viewed - MIDI Adaptor For MOS 2 Allen
SDDS Midi Adaptor Board450 viewsThe adaptor board adds MIDI out capability to multi-computer modes Allen MOS 2 organs
MOS 2 SDDS Mux Board447 viewsThe SDDS Mux board supplies the keyboard data to the MIDI adaptor.
Interconnecting cable attached to J172421 viewsThe connections to J172 are made with the push on connectors of the supplied cable.
SDDS MIDI Board Installed415 viewsCompleted installation.
Adaptor Board Mounted in organ415 viewsThe adaptor board is mounted adjacent the SDDS MUX board. J172 is removed in this photo and plugs into the gold fingers at the bottom of the SDDS MUX board
MOS 2 12 volt power supply398 viewsThe MIDI adaptor can be powered from this internal power supply or through an external supply
SDDS Mux board J172388 viewsThe MIDI adaptor connects to the SDDS MUX board through this connector
SDDS Midi Adaptor Board and included connection cable.386 viewsThe adaptor is easy to install thanks to the included connection cable that simply pushes on to an existing connector. This eliminates the need for any soldering or wire-wrapping for the installation.
Connection cable355 viewsSupplied connection cable with color - coded push on connectors.
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