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Private concert on the Hammond X661039 viewsThis was the X66 I played most often. As well as two Series 12 speakers, it had a big Leslie 910. The owner also had a Concorde with leslies and a Bechstein concert grand.
My own pic of the T50 console978 viewsNot too sharp, sorry, but this view shows the sheer size of the beast and more of the speakers. Note two knee levers - one for each knee. Sustain was on the right and I think rhythm start/stop on the left. I remember that it was in the way and I folded it up and never used it!
Hector Olivera's party piece946 viewsWe've talked about Hector playing 'Flight of the Bumblebee' on the pedals, so here's a photo of him doing it. This was at a private 'concert' at the 'Organ Loft' week-long organ expo in October 1979, held at the Novotel, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK.
This was about 2am, after a 'heavy' night for most of us. Don't know how he did it. He went on to play the Widor Toccata, and when some drunken fool (not me!) said "OK, Clever clogs, play it in G", he said "OK!" and just did it!
Very early days!854 viewsFirst musical 'job'. Resident organist at a hotel. Aged 13, I think. Love the hairstyle!
The Kawai T6 theatre organ787 viewsThe only T6 ever built. A mix of theatre tabs, drawbars, and synths. I love the VU meter at the right and the clock (!) at the left. This was in the Kawai factory in Saitama, Japan in 1979.
Allen 505-B Digital Computer Organ773 viewsI purchased this instrument in August of 2007, and traveled to Charlotte, NC to pick it up.
Upon returning, I discovered the Rodgers dealer who removed the instrument from the church (who also provided the replacement organ) substituted an amplifier designed for another instrument, so half of it is not working--so far.  The half that works, sound GREAT!!!
The Kawai T50 Organ740 viewsKawai's T50, built in 1977, for the company's 50th birthday.
There are four standard manuals and an AGO pedalboard, then 4 short manuals at the right (Orchestral Synthesizers), then there is an arpeggiator manual and a glissando manual to the right of the drawbars. Guess that makes it ten manuals! Originally ran through 32 speakers of various sizes (all big) producing around 16,000 watts of oomph.
First organ to feature a true choir sound, and has the most realistic analogue strings ever. Even has a classical pipe organ division.
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