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E-100 schematics and wiring chart1551 views22222
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Teacher & Student Guide to The Complete Organ Player304 viewsLong out of print supplement to the out of print first edition of The Complete Organ Player.22222
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baldwin70dickleibert1074 views22222
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Here is pdf for Rodgers Trio 321B service manual1129 views22222
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Allen S-100 Amplifier Schematic676 viewsAllen S-100 Amplifier Schematic11111
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Telstar - Test recording - modified.296 viewsSince I couldn't go back to my Wersi right away, I time & Frequency-shifted the audio to more closely match the Venture's organ's key [They used a Hammond B3]. It's not quite high enough, but you can see it's pretty close to their organ's sound! I created their Hammond registration from memory - I didn't have their song to compare with at the time I recorded it... just what I remembered their organ sounded like.. 11111
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Various Examples of Wersi Beta DX400 Classical Pipe Organ Sounds - Part 1294 views- with added reverb in post production...

Here are the 'Stops' in order [These are the names Wersi called them]:

1) Tutti
2) Mixture
3) Cornet
4-5) Reed
6) Gedackt
7) Flute 8' + 4'
8) Quintadena
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Square Round in C Major - by Marc Epstein281 viewsThis is a little exercise I composed as a kid - for folks who don't like to play them!11111
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402 views11111
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414 views11111
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