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Very early days!854 viewsFirst musical 'job'. Resident organist at a hotel. Aged 13, I think. Love the hairstyle!55555
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Wurlitzer Name Tag210 views55555
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Hammond X77GT Console643 viewsThe X77 was Hammond's last attempt to replace the B3, following the H100, which had reliability problems and the X66, which wasn't a pure tonewheel, but a hybrid, and sales were limited by its over the top price.  The X77 however shares the same extended drawbar setup as the other two, having 11 drawbars for each bank on the upper keyboard, 10 per bank on the lower and 4 for the pedals.  Drawbar #10  provides 7th & 9th harmonics while drawbar #11 provides 10th & 12th harmonics of an 8' Unison. This one is the upgraded GT version and came with aluminium covered pedals a la X66 and a "clip on" version of the Hammond "Rhythm II" unit that was made by Ace-Tone (later Nihon Hammond) in Japan - the same unit that was built into the T400 & N300 spinets. Its former life was spent in a born again pentecostal  church where it no doubt had to provide accompaniment for happy clappy choruses aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator of human intelligence, which frankly is way beneath what a magnificent instrument of its calibre is capable of.  It's been with me since 2002, no longer has to has to suffer the indignity of its previous life & I will never part with it.  Must have been an eminent person who said "After all, there are only two types of organ: pipe and Hammond/Leslie". 55555
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Rotary Speaker Crossover349 viewsThe speaker crossover and speed control circuit for the Yamaha rotary speaker installed in my Hammond M-111. For full details, please see my article Adding a Rotary Speaker to a Hammond M-111 Organ.55555
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M3.JPG396 viewsBought this one from a studio in Kansas City, MO.55555
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A-102358 views55555
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1047 views55555
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1343 views55555
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Allen 505-B Digital Computer Organ773 viewsI purchased this instrument in August of 2007, and traveled to Charlotte, NC to pick it up.
Upon returning, I discovered the Rodgers dealer who removed the instrument from the church (who also provided the replacement organ) substituted an amplifier designed for another instrument, so half of it is not working--so far.  The half that works, sound GREAT!!!
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