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Can I use an organ as a tone cabinet???

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  • Can I use an organ as a tone cabinet???

    I am an unfortunate victim of GAS(Gear Acquisition syndrome) AND have been bitten by the Hammond bug.
    Thanks to Craigslist, I now own an S-6 Chord Organ, an M, and an M-3 (all free...but really bulky and eat up my living space)

    Since I can obviously play only one(poorly)...can any of you more experienced electrical engineers or serious tinkerers think of a way to 'slave' the M and the S-6 to the M-3 so that they can act as substitute tone cabinets??? (for space saving, money saving...and just plan old cool factor)
    I am getting a Trek 2 line out box for the M-3. That's as far as I've gotten on the project.
    Can I use a the phono plug on the M swell capacitor housing as a signal input from the M-3?(I have no idea what to do for an input on the S-6)
    (oh, another related question...would you turn off the Tonewheel Generator on the M while it functions as a tone cabinet?)

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    Sell the M, use the money to invest in a guitar combo tube amp.
    2x12 should suffice. Any 30-50w Marshall combo should do the trick.
    This will give the option of nice warm tube clean tone, or all the way to thick overdriven Jon Lord tone.

    If you're committed to using the M as an amp, then it would probably be a good idea to cut the power to the run motor. No point in needlessly running a motor that is already probably 60+ years old.
    You could install a run motor kill switch - that way you can mimic the "dive bomb" effect used by the likes of Jon Lord and Keith Emerson back in the day - allows the TWG to spin down to a halt whilst keeping the amp running. Then spin it back up for the opposite effect. Very cool.
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      I think once you get a Leslie, you'll forget all about that "cool factor" of running satellite speakers.